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Goole Action Group

How you can help us


Every organisation needs members. Membership of GOOLE ACTION GROUP costs just 1 annually. For that you receive a Membership Card, showing our aims - Regeneration, Renovation, Heritage, Environment, Community, Residential Neighbourhoods, Safe and Secure place to live.

But more valuable than your money is your commitment.

Represent your street as its resident member - sign-up your neighbours, deliver newsletters and leaflets, report your problems, keep us in touch, give and gain that extra boost of morale against the pressures inflicted by ERYC upon vulnerable residents.

Attend meetings and make it your business to know what is really happening in the terraced streets of Goole town.

Realise that it is not just Goole that is under threat. The whole of the industrial north is being subjected to exactly the same kind of big-brother-knows-best attitudes - from Merseyside to the Tyne, there are other communities undergoing this form of social engineering.

See the link to Fight for Our Homes

Represent your neighbourhood on the Crime Prevention Panel, to ensure the police are aware of what troubles are otherwise invisible.

Keep the streets tidy - some of our residents do their own regular weekly clean-up of litter and report dumped rubbish to ERYC.


Phoenix Street 1977 Jubilee street party - click to enlargeFormer residents, living far from Goole, but with their roots still planted here, can add to the heritage that is the foundation of this place. Social history is a popular pastime, and tracing your family tree tells you who you are, and where you come from.

Equally important is to record the locality of your birth, generations back at the beginning of Goole sometimes long before it became the planned and paternalistic development of the Aire & Calder Navigation.

Those stories of families, growing up in the streets that were built to accommodate the working people who made the port profitable, should be flying from the masthead of every Goole-built "vessel" - because so many families are connected to the seafarers, shop-keepers, and shipping clerks who brought Goole to the present-day.

Member of Parliament

In Ian Cawsey, MP for Brigg and Goole, we have a voice that takes our views to Parliament and Cabinet Ministers. He is very well aware of our concerns, and as a former member of Humberside County Council, he understands just where Goole Action Group is coming from when it becomes frustrated by the wilful neglect (as we see it) of local government.

He needs to hear from you too. Write to him, setting out your concerns about the ways and means you feel your home town is being treated. Of course, you need to set out a proper case. It is no good just whining and moaning. Once you have a better grasp of the facts, then you can make a lasting contribution.


Membership Form - become a member or send a donation
Social History - record your memories of the streets
Fight for Our Homes - people opposed to the 'Pathfinder' mass demolition programme
UK Parliament - Send a message to Ian Cawsey MP